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Not Just Great Food at Bistro Ricco Renzo

Buffalo Chicken Fillet
Fried chicken thigh fillets tossed in a tangy buffalo sauce
Whether I am at Bistro Ricco Renzo for a hearty dinner or just for some drinks and entertainment, I always look forward to the Pepper Crusted Tuna Sashimi. The tuna is excellent, perfectly seasoned and seared. Drizzled with the sweet and tangy raspberry wasabi vinaigrette, the combination is just heavenly. Another mouthwatering appetizer is Bistro Ricco Renzo's Buffalo Chicken Fillet. I can eat a whole plate of it on my own. I will not claim to be an expert but I know good Buffalo wings. Bistro Ricco Renzo's interpretation gives me the same qualities I love about the original without the fuss of bones. The sauce is lip-smacking good and while the chicken is coated generously with it, I am amazed by the fact that it still holds its crunch. Yum! Our other favorites for pica-pica fare at the bistro are the Tuna with Anchovy Sauce and Four Cheese Pizza.

Pepper Crusted Tuna Sashimi
Pan seared pepper crusted tuna sashimi with
raspberry wasabi vinaigrette
Tuna with Anchovy Sauce
Seared tuna loin sticks with anchovy
and olive oil sauce
Pumpkin Soup
Pureed pumpkin and cream soup
Four Cheese Pizza
Parmesan, sharp cheddar, white cheese, and mozzarella

There is much to love at Bistro Ricco Renzo- the chic yet cozy interiors, the friendly and efficient service, the interesting and awe-inspiring art pieces, the magnanimously talented artists who provide the live music, and, closest to my heart of course, the amazing food. Not just delicious,  they also come in generous portions which is perfect for me because I am the kind of girl that when I like the food, I tend to eat a lot of it.

Come to think of it, who doesn't? 

Fifteen Spice Chicken
Grilled fifteen spice rubbed chicken thigh fillet served with mashed potato
Osso Bucco Milanese
Beef shanks braised in wine and stock served with rice pilaf
Ricco Renzo Burger
Grilled one hundred percent pure beef with marinara sauce,
mozzarella cheese and seared bacon

Salmon Fillet
My friends and I were at Bistro Ricco Renzo for November Opera Night which was held at the gallery on the second floor of the bistro. (The main dining area at the ground floor was reserved for a party that day.) Wonderful music, good friends, fantastic food on a laid back Friday night out, what else can you ask for? 

Strawberry Cheesecake
Mossy found her Fifteen Spice Chicken absolutely delicious and unique. I must admit it is quite unlike most grilled chicken which tend to taste all alike after a while. Mike, the self-proclaimed burger aficionado, is impressed with the Ricco Renzo Burger. It is not just a huge burger, it is big in taste, too. The Osso Buco Milanese on the other hand, was Robin's choice- tender and with a rich sauce, it is one hearty meal. I got the Salmon Fillet which was served with pasta and greens. I like the salmon on its own, which was cooked just right, but with the sauce- the whole thing is just divine. For dessert we got the Strawberry Cheesecake which we all shared. We were unanimous in remarking that unlike most cheesecakes, this one does not kill your palate after just a few bites. Truth be told, we actually got another slice after we finished one in a jiffy.

November Opera Night at Bistro Ricco Renzo 
2 Tenors / 2 Sopranos (November 26, 2010)

Ricco Renzo Galeries & Cafe is located at G/F LRI Design Plaza, 210 N. Garcia Street, Bel Air II, Makati. For table or event reservations, catering information, and other inquiries, contact Bistro Ricco Renzo at (02)898-2543 or 45.

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