Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Take the Ridiculous Challenge! (If you dare.)

The anatomy of Burger Avenue's Ridiculous Burger 
freshly grilled all beef triple patty sandwiched on an oatmeal bun laced with crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes, and three cheese slices. It's HUGE, I tell ya.

Take the Ridiculous Challenge and you just might get your Ridiculous Burger for free. Here's how:

The Ridiculous Challenge*:

1. Order the Ridiculous Burger and inform the Cashier that you would like to take the Ridiculous Challenge.
2. You will have to pay the Ridiculous Burger first and wait until your order arrives.
3. The cashier will lead you to a table where you can take the challenge and she will give you your Ridiculous Burger together with the bell and timer.
4. Once the Ridiculous Burger is ready, the Cashier will set the timer to 5 minutes.
5. You have to finish everything, no vegetables or any left over in 5 minutes. Food that falls on the ground will lead you to disqualification. The Cashier will make sure that everything is eaten within the given time.
6. Ring the bell as soon as you get to finish the Ridiculous Burger. Food must be completely swallowed before ringing the bell.
7. If you get to finish the Ridiculous Burger in less than 5 minutes, then you get a full refund of the Ridiculous Burger. Your name and photo will be taken and will be posted in Burger Avenue.

It doesn't matter whether you try to scarf the thing down whole or chow it down layer by layer, as long as every morsel of the burger is gone in less than 5 minutes. It's not as easy as it sounds though. We learned that the hard way. Still, it's fun and it's an experience worth choking over.

1. A. Venue Mall Makati Avenue corner Valdez St.
2. The Fort Strip, Global City, Taguig.
For delivery call:
729-9108 MAKATI Avenue 
970-8277 The Fort Strip
A Minimum Order of P250 will be required to place the order and a Delivery Charge of P35. All deliveries are limited to a 4 kilometer distance from the store
Opening Hours:
FRIDAY & SATURDAY: 10AM until 4AM (yes, 4AM!)



[cookiespink] said...

loved their burger and fries. don't think i can finish that burger tho! haha the jr. avenue burger is enough for me :P

kwattro said...


Let's get it on :)

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