Friday, July 2, 2010

Tasting the World at Oceana

Tasting Mumbai
I was introduced to Center for Culinary Arts cuisine a couple of years ago when my friend Leen invited me to one of their charity dinners when she was studying there. I didn't know what to expect but maybe your ordinary regular run of the mill type of food you normally get when you go to fund raisers. 

I remember one particular fund raising breakfast buffet that I failed to attend. My friend Mich who attended the breakfast told me later that the food was so horrible that even in cooking an egg, the caterer failed miserably in. I mean, seriously, how can anybody go wrong with breakfast? And for Php500 per head, at least cook a proper egg! Good thing I never wake up that early so I missed that disaster. 

The CCA benefit dinner was one buffet I had the good fortune of not missing though. The food there was amazing.

The whole event was a very memorable experience for me. I remember when we first arrived at the venue, I approached one of the students there and asked if she knew Leen and where I could find here. Only after the conversation was over that I realized I was talking to a local showbiz personality who was also enrolled there at the time. Although she does not know Leen and ultimately wasn't able to help me find my friend, she was very nice. 
There was a dessert/chocolate station that oozed decadent chocolate creations. It was such a crowd drawer that when I got to it every morsel of the sweets there was gone. There was a soup station where I had the best soups I have ever had. I remember the chili soup (as in not the traditional thick variety) which was such a nice belly warmer during that rainy night. The soup station had a vertical basket containing giant breadsticks. "Go ahead, have one." One of the students urged as while we marveled at the enormity of the breadsticks. We thought they were just for decor.

Every dish was well attended and you would be very lucky if there were any left-overs when you go back for seconds. The Le Cassoulet was one of those dishes that still existed long enough giving us the impression that it might no be up to the same calibre as the rest of the citizens of the CCA buffet. But lo and behold, it was one of the most delicious and most remembered dishes of the night for us.

Tasting New York

That dinner made such an impression on me that when I found out about Oceana (the CCA Manila Restaurant School & Events Place), I knew instantly that I had to visit soon. As of this post, I had been there twice. Already, I am looking forward to my third.

Tasting Bangkok

Tasting San Francisco

Just a tip, when the waiter tells you that the servings are good for two. Believe him. We made the mistake of not believing ours and ended up calling my reinforcements (i.e. my mother and brother) to help us finish what we ordered.

Tasting Sao Paulo
Oceana is located at Seaside Boulevard, SM Mall of Asia Complex.

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