Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Backyardigans Cupcakes

A dear friend of mine threw a Backyardigans party for her two handsome little boys a couple of weeks ago. It's a double celebration for Ethan, who turned three (Happy birthday!), and Enzo, who was baptised (Happy Christening, my inaanak!). Instead of running to the mall to buy gifts, I volunteered to make a cupcake tower for them. Their mom supplied the adorable Backyardigans cupcake toppers.

These are all chocolate cupcakes made with Dutch process cocoa. I frosted the cupcakes with Mexican vanilla buttercream in different colors- pink for Uniqua, yellow for Tasha, orange for Tyrone, blue for Pablo, and violet for Austin. I originally planned to use common rainbow sprinkles for these until I found pastel colored rainbow sprinkles, which I ended up using instead. Pastel colors always remind me of babies and toddlers.

I've never been truly acquainted with the Backyardigans until that party. Now I can't seem to get Backyardigans songs out of my head. "Shake, shake, shake, shake your body..." Love that song.

It was tiring, but I had so much fun making these cupcakes- all seventy-three of them. And to make it for such special people- it was certainly worth every minute spent in the kitchen.

Photo credits: Tanya

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