Thursday, June 17, 2010

Roast Beefin' on the Edge at Heaven 'n Eggs

Roast Beefin' on the Edge

 When in those posh hotel buffets, I go straight for the roast beef and lots of it. Hotel buffets normally have the choicest quality beef for their roast. Who can ignore the Siren call of prime rib roast beef, yeah? On occasion, I have gone to buffets and ignored the rest of the food save for the roast beef (If all I eat is roast beef and no mashed potatoes or rice, does that fall within the parameters of any diet school-of-thought?). I say it's all worth it. And I am not just talking about the fact that it may be the most expensive item on the buffet.

Heaven n' Eggs hails it as the "ultimate comfort food" and has named their version Roast Beefin' on the Edge. Roast Beefin'  is a rockin' plate of Roast Angus beef slices, steamed rice and buttered vegetables smothered with home-style gravy. This was my choice on the menu when we had dinner in the Glorietta branch of Heaven 'n Eggs a couple of days ago. Even without the suggestion from the menu though, I must admit that roast beef is one of my favorite comfort foods, so the choice was pretty much a foregone conclusion. It was a lovely meal- can't go wrong with wonderfully tender Angus beef and generous amounts of good gravy. Nothing like good roast beef to send you to a relaxing slumber right after dinner, which I had as soon as my head hit the bed that night.

I'm pretty sure I'll be dreaming about roast beef tonight.


Anonymous said...

breakfast buffet pa lang nasusubukan ko dun. will try out that roast beef next time!

ziggy said...

i love heaven n eggs. specially on a rainy saturday morning. the roast beef is so enticing i can smell it from here.

i remember walking somewhere in Las Pinas and I saw this huge note under a KFC banner:



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