Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Like Chili for Chocolate... Gelato by Gelatissimo

Chili and Chocolate Gelato

Finally got a chance to taste gelato from Gelatissimo last Saturday. Ever since it opened its glass doors to the public in Greenbelt a couple of weeks ago, the place is always teeming with people. And who can blame them? Anyone passing by Gelatissimo would be drawn in by the gorgeous display of creamy and colorful globs of gelati. I love the fact that every gelato lining Gelatissimo's immense freezer is garnished by the fruit, nut, or other ingredient representing its respective flavor. A whole pineapple, a cracked-open coconut, a shelled hazelnut, red hot chili peppers... It's a playful touch that, I imagine, appeals to kids and the kid in every adult. It certainly appealed to me.

I picked my gelato in Chili and Chocolate. I have heard a number of people sing praises about Mexican hot chocolate and it always intrigued me what it, nay, how the experience would be like. Not that I thought it didn't make any sense. On the contrary, the combination of the sultry heat of hot peppers and the aphrodisiac allure of chocolate made perfect sense to me. Mmm, mmm, mmm... Think "Like Water For Chocolate". Think "Chocolat". That is why I find it apt if not absolutely poetic that my first visit to Gelatissimo would be my first encounter with the fabled flavor. And delivered in an icy cold yet  velvety creamy medium via gelato... how could I not?


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Ziggy said...

Hi Khris! just dropping by to say hi! don't eat too much ice cream. it'll melt your heart. hahaha! corny! okiboi!

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