Friday, June 11, 2010

Bretto's Osso Buco

Found these pictures stewing away in my stash of food photos. This is Osso Buco from Bretto's. The pictures have been there for a while because I remember having this meal a day right after the elections in Pampanga (exactly a month ago today). I remember how much I've enjoyed this meal- right down to the baked potato. Come to think of it, this was actually a very memorable meal, which makes me wonder how these pictures fell off my radar this long.

The meat is falls-off-the-bone tender and I loved the flavor of the sauce it was served in. The vegetables were crisp and, far from acting as garnish (as how some vegetable accompaniment in my meals sometimes end up),  they provided a wonderful contrast to the rich flavors of the whole meal. Bretto's Osso Buco is big and hearty, and like a male construction worker at lunchtime I finished every delicious morsel of it.

Now, I'm hungry again... Although I did have a satisfying dinner not too long ago... and I really should watch my food intake...

Ah. Now I remember why I completely forgot about these.

Read more about Bretto's here: Deli Treats from Bretto's Restaurant.

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