Monday, April 26, 2010

Uni Sushi by Sakura

Friday I think it was, we were in SM Mall of Asia. We were supposed to go window shopping for stuff that I probably may or may not buy for myself in the future. Maybe. I do not remember much about that day. For those who have been to that mammoth of a shopping mall, a lot of it are open areas. Often you would find yourself having to walk from one air-conditioned section of the mall to another air-conditioned section through an open corridor. During normal weather, that open corridor is actually a very short walk. But in this 38 degree weather, that short walk becomes a horribly torturous endeavor. On that day, in my attempt to cross one open corridor, I fell short of my target. Thirsty, over-heating and sunburned, I ducked into Sakura, a Japanese restaurant located along the open area between the department store side and the center mall. I immediately ordered their green iced tea which arrived as quickly as I ordered it. I suppose they understood how parched I was. So there I was gulping down that cold, refreshing drink while I fiddled with the menu. After my third glass of the iced tea (good thing it was bottomless), I decided to order Uni sushi. Sweet, fresh, utterly velvety uni.

That was about all I could remember that day. Sakura. Ice cold green iced tea. And Uni Sushi. I suppose good memories do outlast the bad.

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