Saturday, April 24, 2010

Blizzard: Blending since 1985

Last Thursday, I went to Blizzard's 25th birthday bash in Eastwood-Libis. (I was eager to go because Dairy Queen's Blizzard has been one of my favorite desserts since the 90's.) There was ice cream everywhere!

It's funny because a week ago, I was craving for ice cream and every attempt I made to buy a pint was dashed. And it didn't help that it has been terribly hot lately. So, when I got there, albeit over an hour late, I was ravenous for ice cream. Truth be told though, I wasn't able to finish all three cups containing three of Blizzard's newest flavors. Maybe three cups of ice cream is a little too much for the average Joe. In fact when I got to the venue, there was an aftermath of Blizzard cups containing ice-cream ranging from empty to half-eaten to possibly untouched. There was that much ice cream there. From the Oreo line with Chocolate Oreo, Strawberry Oreo, and Mocha Oreo, to the Kitkat line which includes Strawberry Kitkat and Mocha Kitkat, and more new flavors like Double Chocolate Truffle, Caramel Marshmallow, Double Dutch, White Truffle, and Ube Macapuno, I don't think I've ever been surrounded by that much ice cream in my life.

The ones I tried were the Strawberry Oreo, 

Strawberry Brownie, 

and Chocolate Extreme. 

They are all good, really. Strawberry, Oreo, fudge brownie, and chocolate (These are a few of my favorite things!) blended into soft serve ice cream the Blizzard way, what's not to like? My absolute favorite is the Chocolate Extreme, which is loaded with fudge brownie, chocolate syrup, and chocolate chunks. Decadent yes, but I find it less sweet than the Blizzard Mud Pie.

Happy birthday, Blizzard! Many more ice cream to come!

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