Saturday, March 20, 2010

Authentic Italian at Darwin's Tavern

The last time we were in Subic, we discovered Darwin's Tavern, an obscure restaurant that serves crazy good authentic Italian cuisine. The management is delightfully welcoming and genuinely friendly and the place nice and cozy. It's a perfect getaway or rest stop when in Subic.

Map to Darwin's Tavern
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I say obscure because it is a long drive from Venezia Hotel, where we stayed, and it is practically in the middle of the rain forest.

I say crazy good because their food is crazy good.

I am amazed at the available flavors of their thin crust pizzas and pasta. They also have a well-stocked bar. What's more amazing is the value at which I can enjoy good food and libation there. By the end of the night, I have decided that Darwin's Tavern is the best place in Subic to get stuffed with authentic Italian food and sloshed on gin and tonics.

NIPA House Dormitory
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Darwin's Tavern
is a part of a larger facility known as Building 2006, which was a former administrative and command quarters of the US Navy Marines in Subic. It has since been converted into an eco-tourism visitor orientation facility and center for environmental conservation awareness of the Subic Bay Protected Area. The facility also serves as a hometel or dormitory where you can stay when you do get sloshed on gin and tonics at Darwin's Tavern.

Photo credits: Thanks Rollyn for the yummy food photos!

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