Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Gourmet Lunch at a Farm

Last December, my good friend, Mabel, came home from the US for a long overdue visit. We first met in a dorm in Katipunan, where I also met Leen. The three of us being the only ones doing post-graduate studies in a predominantly college dorm, it was no miracle that we would gravitate towards one another. We did a lot together- shop, have coffee, chat... The most memorable ones are those nights when we take the AV room hostage to watch The Amazing Race armed only with Coke and pizza. Good times.

Mabel has since moved back to the US to pursue her career and Leen went back home to help manage the family business. All of us busy doing our own thing, we heard from each other less and less. Which made December of 2009 a truly magical time. The three of us got to see each other again, and more than that, we got to go shopping and hang out with each other again. Even if it were just for a brief moment.

During her stay, Mabel had invited us to their farm in Amadeo, Cavite. We decided against eating in restaurants in Tagaytay, which is on the way to Amadeo, and did our own cooking ourselves. Why eat out when we have two accomplished chefs with us on the trip? Mabel did say they had a great kitchen there, after all.

Fish and Chips

True to her word, the kitchen at Mabel's farm house was quite impressive. We had a great time preparing our food and we took quite a while doing so. I think we had lunch at around 1PM. But it was worth it.

Dressing two ways: Honey Mustard and Garlic and Anchovy

Roast Beef with Pan Gravy and Mushroom Bacon Roll

P.S. Happy birthday, Mabel! (Or is it, Isabel?)

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