Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Baye-Baye Miss American Pie...

Forget the title. There is nothing farther removed from the iconic American pastry than Iloilo's Baye-Baye. Baye-Baye "is a mixture of scraped young coconut meat,sugar and pinipig (pounded rice grains). Some prepare it in simpler ingredients of coconut meat, sugar, grounded sticky rice (pilit or malagkit)or corn grains" (Source: The News Today).

It's been more than a decade since I've visited my father's homeland. The last time I was there, I accompanied my balik-bayan aunt, who hasn't been home in ages, visit some relatives. From her, I got my first taste of Baye-Baye. It was at a jeepney terminal in SM Jaro, while we were waiting for our jeepney to commence our trip back to Lambunao. I clearly recall being bewildered at when and where she got it because we were together all the time during that trip to the mall and I never saw her buying any at any point. But I digress...

My aunt looked positively delighted when she handed me one of the Baye-Baye from her plastic bag. She said she used to eat a lot of Baye-Baye growing up especially during the corn harvest season. Considering how long she's been gone, I can just imagine how indulging in Baye-Baye that day brought her back to her childhood. I certainly understand how I myself can make my own memories of Iloilo with this deliciously sweet and velvety delicacy.

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