Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Supreme Brazo Bars by Ces Lopez Cafe

Classic Brazo Bars

Proudly proclaimed as "an original homebaked masterpiece", these brazo bars are truly what they are claimed to be- masterpieces.

The meringue is soft but rather than bubble away in your mouth like other brazos, it reserves a measure of firmness that gives this pastry bite. The custard sandwiched between the layers of meringue is simply delightful, creamy and not too sweet. Just the way I like it.

Ces Lopez's brazo de mercedes does not come in the shape that the brazo traditionally does. Rather than a roll, this special brazo is loaf shaped, conveniently cut up in individual bars. While they are sold per piece as bars, you can also get this brazo whole.

Brazo Bars come in 13 flavors, with prices ranging from Php35 to Php70- Classic, Copaco-Mango, Strawberry Sunrise, Toasted Coconut Kiss, Aloha Banana, Tropical Cashew Crunch, Macapuno Summer Breeze, Walnut Wonder, Almond Shindig, Pistachio Festival, Pecan Beach Party, Heavenly Hazelnut, and Hula Macadamia.

Ces Lopez Cafe is located at Foodchoices at the Town 2nd Floor Main Mall Alabang Town Center.
For deliveries, call 359-3001/722-5638.

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