Friday, August 7, 2009

Another baked sensation from the Ces Lopez Cafe: Ces' Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie

Ces' Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie

Ces' Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie is a chocolate chip cookie lover's dream. It is a hefty cookie at about 4 inches in diameter- more than enough for you to indulge in, my dear. It is soft, moist, and has Valrhona chocolate for its crowning glory.

I am quite happy to say that they did not scrimp on the chocolate with this cookie. In fact, the amount of chocolate in it is so big that to call it a chocolate chip cookie is a disservice. Might as well call it a chocolate block cookie.

How to eat a cookie:

"Pick up the cookie. Dip it in the milk. And eat it."

-Ana Pascal (Stranger than Fiction)

Made from fine ingredients, Php60 is a small price to pay for this richly decadent, completely satisfying cookie. Grab one now at Ces Lopez Cafe at Foodchoices at the Town 2nd Floor Main Mall Alabang Town Center.

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Ces Lopez said...


Thank you for writing about my brazos, and now the cookies. My kids love cookies so I tried to make my cookies right. Hope to meet you one of theses days.


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