Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fine Italian Cuisine at Buona Vita

Buona Vita Ristorante Italiano is a fabulous little restaurant at the Greenboro Building, Verdana Village Center along Daang Hari Road. For those familiar with the area, yes, it's that building right on the opposite side of the road from the Verdana Homes gate. They have since expanded to accommodate a decent sized crowd but it still retains that quiet and elgant but cozy atmosphere that we love.


Buona Vita has an appetizing array of Italian food offerings from appetizer to dessert. Their Italian Cheese Platter (Php350) is a favorite, served with a basket of three kinds of deliciously warm bread. The platter has 5 kinds of cheeses, of which, my absolute favorite is the Gorgonzola. Spread it on to the thin wedge of bread that comes with the bread basket and it is the most perfect pairing of cheese and bread you will ever have. The Italian Cheese Platter along with their fresh brewed coffee (Php65) is something that we keep coming back for on afternoons after a hard day's work.

Tiramisu and Dalandan Ice Tea

Try their Ravioli di Ricotta (Php250) or Bolognese pasta, they're great with their refreshing Dalandan Ice Tea. For dessert, since a trip to an Italian restaurant is not complete without it, do not forget to order a slice of their sinfully rich but heavenly Tiramisu. No matter what you choose from their menu, you're sure to be in for a great dining experience at Buona Vita.

Bouna Vita is located at:
Greenboro Bldg., Verdana Village Center
Daang Hari Road, Bacoor, Cavite

For reservations, contact Buona Vita at:
Tel.: (046) 517-4105
(0917) 816-6163


Anonymous said...

The Osso Buco was succulent and very tender. The portion is very substantial. The Rissotto Marinara is very full in flavor (you can lessen the olive oil, though)and very tasty. The rice was cooked to perfection. The chocolate lava cake needs improvement as it came like a flat lava with a small mound of ice cream. The assorted cold cuts with cheese needs a better presentation as well. Otherwise I give this restaurant a thumbs up in quality, taste and price.

mcee said...

hi im mcee & me & my family is a big fan of amoroma restaurant by polie & nino, its just out of line what this restaurant is doing. they tried to get business using amoroma's name...make your own besides we know the tiramisu & panna cotta are prepared powder we saw in the honest dont charge too much...i know how much a powder cream for tiramisu...& stop saying you are all amoroma staff cause its not true...ossobuco you frozen at least 2weeks before serving it. check the veggy there...its disappointing

Thomas said...

Hi, this is Thomas from Buona Vita.
Thanks a lot for your comments regarding our restaurant.
We have improved the chocolate lave cake as well as the Antipasto assortiti.
I respect your opinion about our restaurant as much as any other opinion.
Please just don't invent stories about us.
There is no usage of any pre-mixes for our desserts.
We never used Amoroma's name to create business.
We never said we have all Amoroma staff, but we do have some staff who previously worked for Amoroma.
Those people were recognized by customers who spread the word about them working for us.
Freezing of fooditems prior cooking is a well established practise in restaurtants all over the world, which does not impair the freshness and quality of the finished product. We control and maintain our freezers and fooditems in accordance with DOH regulations.
I like to invite everyone to check our kitchen and see by him- or herself how we're preparing our veggies, desserts and all other food items.
So please, continue to give your opinion about us, but don't make statements which are partially or completely untrue.

labby said...

this italian resto is just ok, for what we had tried its nothing compare to other real italian restaurant around. mcee here is right in some comments cause they are telling in every single table that their staff is originally from amoroma alabang which is not right to do. starting from the manager ms. heidee that she said all staff of this nice resto is here in buona vita. we dont care if you frozen your food or other things its just that the manager of the restaurant must check the quality of the food. its not appetiting already when you look at it and its more disappointing when you taste it.

catering in manila said...

Good food brings people together. Finger food is best suited for all occasions, it is light and people love eating it.Love your pasta!


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