Friday, April 10, 2009

Yema Balls by Sugarhouse

Positively indulgent perfect little balls of eggyolks and sugar (check out a recipe here), I sincerely believe that the Yema Ball is one of the Philippines' best contributions do the confectionery world. They just don't know it yet. Blame it on the fact that Philippine cuisine has not made its mark in the international food scene as effectively as our Asian neighbors (I, for one, have never set foot out of our little island but I have, at varying occasions, had Chinese, Vietnamese, and Thai food). But once it does get there, man, there will be a lot to talk about. The lowly yema ball is just one example of how Philippine food can be so unassuming and yet bursting in unique and amazing flavors and texture at the same time.

I love the ones by Hizon's (No longer on regular offering, but you can order. Hassle, yes, but it's worth it.). However, if you want your yema fix right away, the yema balls by Sugarhouse are also worthy of praise. Sugarhouse yema balls are a tad smaller than the ones by Hizon's, but they're certainly not lacking in taste. They carry a distinct flavor, a little less sweet and heavier in texture, like that of very light mashed potatoes.

For Php200, you get a box of 16 yummy Sugarhouse yema balls. You can get them at any of the Sugarhouse outlets listed here.


goodfor2 said...

yummy indeed

Jonathan said...

very yummy just by looking at it. Have you heard about the yema candy?
Yema Candy

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