Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations: Philippines

Find out how our Lechon got dubbed as "The best pig ever" in No Reservations (by the Travel Channel) where Anthony Bourdain, at the prodding of a Fil-Am fan, chose to feature Philippine food-dom. Mr. Bourdain did an excellent job showcasing the delicious, sometimes quirky, cuisine of the islands.

In the show, he posits a question that has been niggling at the back of my mind for quite some time now: Why hasn't Philippine cuisine made its mark in the world food scene? There were a lot of interesting theories on this matter thrown about throughout the show, and this reminded me of the theory of a professor of mine from graduate school: Kulang kasi sa presentation. He said Filipino food rarely if at all looks appetizing. Everything is thrown together in a platter or bowl in a big mess of food. Aesthetics. You, what do you think?

Going back to the show, which segment I enjoyed the most, you ask? The one about the Lechon, of course. Are you kidding me?!

And if that is not enough insight from the man regarding our cuisine, check out his blog and read, Hierarchy of Pork. In the Hierarchy of Pork, the Philippines lords it over Bali and Puerto Rico as the best in the world among pigs of the roasted kind.

Amen to that.


Arlene R. said...

haaaaaay... and for those of us deprived of pork, keber sa presentation: pork IS pork. 'ika nga ni spocky, fat IS flavor. *sigh*

oh, if non-presentation is more the rule for pinoy cuisine, believe me tin, your presentations of food are definitely non-conformist! :D kelan ang susunod nating cookfest? hehehe

rollyn said...

fondue? fondue??? tara na sa Swiss Chalet!!! :)


Who's that professor? While I was attending a post graduate degree, one professor also told the class that idea. Actually, almost the same statements. :)

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