Thursday, January 29, 2009

Some cafe favorites captured on camera phone...

As part of my yearly resolution to "declutter" I weeded through the pictures in camera phone. I really believe that camera phones are one of the most fantastic things human kind has ever invented.

Picture quality may not be as satisfying as my favorite albeit bulky pro-sumer camera, but.... Imagine taking a picture of a reclusive rockstar in a restaurant and never getting noticed. Imagine having your picture taken with a reality TV singing contest champion during an autograph signing where you just happened to walk by after a client meeting when otherwise, of course, you would not have a camera with you. Imagine taking a picture of a rainbow (How many times do you see a rainbow and have a camera with you?). Imagine taking a picture with another rockstar from the outside of a mall restaurant which just happened to be the path that rockstar took from the parking lot to the restaurant/bar next door where he is doing a show that night. Imagine going to a cafe and having one of their special edition coffee or dessert and pausing to think- "This is really, very good. Too bad they may not be regulars on the menu. I should take a picture."- And you do.

Black & White Mocha by Seattle's Best Coffee

Lemon Meringue Bar by Starbucks Coffee

See? Fantastic.

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