Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mc Wilson Cakes and Pastries at Rainbow Cafe

I discovered this cozy cafe at the Metro Oil gasoline station along Kalayaan Avenue that serves Cakes and pastries by a food company called Mc Wilson. Tucked away behind gasoline pumps in a corner where a gas station convenience store should be, the Rainbow Cafe offers coffee, cakes and pastries, and curiously, Japanese food. It reminds me a little of the UCC Cafe concept, only on the more affordable side of the spectrum.

I ordered brewed coffee and sylvanas while I waited for the car wash attendants to finish washing my then rolling-dustball of a car. Good thing the cafe had a bunch of magazines there, too, I expected quite a bit of wait.

I had very little expectation for this quiet little cafe as I wrote it off as mere a customer lounge for those having their car washed there. But surprisingly, the coffee was not bad. And the sylvanas turned out to be the best I've ever tasted. It was crisp to the bite, the rich buttercream was perfectly light, not too sweet, and the cake crumb exterior provided an interesting texture and added flavor to the whole package.

I would come to this place again and again every time I find myself in the area, just for the coffee and that wonderful sylvanas. Last Christmas, they offered an interesting menu of holiday themed desserts. I had wanted to get something there for Noche Buena but the distance and the wild holiday traffic deterred me.

I was able to try their Sansrival, too (when there was no Sylvanas available). And it was just as heavenly. They have a sugar-free Chocolate Mousse that I also want to try. Imagine, having dessert without the guilt! It would also make for a great gift to friends or family who are medically banned from all things sugar. With that, I think I should try the rest of the cakes and pastries. Who knows what else surprises me in their lineup.

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