Sunday, October 19, 2008

Torrone Nurzia: a taste of Italy

Torrone Nurzia
Abruzzo, Italy, to be precise. I've never heard about Sorelle Nurzia Torrone Torrone Nurzia ever until a couple of weeks ago. Writings on the box define it as "soft nougat candy with bittersweet chocolate". I've tasted nougat and bittersweet chocolate, sure. But no amount of words could have prepared me for this "exotic" and rather addicting candy. I shared a couple of chunks of Torrone Nurzia with my beautiful little three-year-old niece. And when I asked her how she liked it, she answered- after a short thoughtful pause- "It's silky". Cute.

The fact that it is addicting did not sit well with me, since Torrone Nurzia is obviously a rare treat in this country. So I decided to do a little research. My search only convinced me that short of taking a trip to Italy, there's a pretty good chance that I may never get my hands on a box of Torrone Nurzia again.

Here's a bit of history on Torrone Nurzia from Italian Cooking & Living-

"Abruzzans have a reputation as good cooks and hearty eaters. It is here that the tradition of la panarda was born-an all-out feast of 30 to 50 courses that lasts for hours, if not all day and all night... Native pastry chefs have given Abruzzo an assortment of signature desserts. Soft chocolate nougat, called torrone nurzia, was invented by Ulisse Nurzia in the 19th century in a small town at the base of the Apennines. Made from hazelnuts, chocolate, honey and almonds, the soft, chewy delicacy gets its irresistible texture from the same secret ingredient as Abruzzo's pasta-pure mountain water-evidenced by the fact that Nurzia was unable to reproduce the popular confection when he traveled north to Milan."
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patricia said...

Each Christmas I buy boxes of Torrone Nurzia - it has always been stocked at a Delicatessen called Denningers - I live in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. This year, they decided not to stock this wonderful candy, and I am heartbroken. It is even more special to me since my mother was Abruzzi and born in L'Aquila, Italy where this candy comes from. Does anyone know where I might buy this nougat candy, or from where I might be able to order it?

Anonymous said...

I was hoping for some help as well. My family also are from this region in Italy and we've had this traditional candy on our table every Christmas. We always get it shipped from family in Italy but was wondering if we can buy it here locally...I live in Windsor Ontario but have yet to find a merchant who sells it.

Anonymous said...
has them. No pistachio though when I was there last week.

Anonymous said...

This chocolate can be found at "EATALY" on 5th Ave. NYC. It was fresh and as delicious as I remember it!!!

Pamela Marasco said...

You can find Sorelle Nurzia at during the holiday season.

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