Tuesday, August 12, 2008

UCC Blended Coffee at UCC Cafe Terrace

I usually go to UCC for an extra special coffee fix. I have always been mesmerized by the obsessive-compulsiveness of how they brew their coffee and the luxuriousness of their cafe interiors. Speaking of interiors... It had puzzled me how one UCC shop can look quite different from the next. One UCC shop can sport a darker paneling and furnitures while another is all bright and sunny. Their facades, also vary a lot. This has on odd occasions thrown me off, making me check the signage twice to make sure I am entering a UCC shop and not a completely different establishment altogether. Ah, signage, yet another thing that perplexed me about the UCC shops. I noticed that even the names of the shops are different from one another. I would later find out that there is a connection between the name and the type of cafe experience that a particular shop is meant to give. Take for example, my favorite kind of UCC shop, the UCC Cafe Terrace. The UCC Cafe Terrace is meant to be:
"The café of choice for those who want to enjoy a panoramic view as they take time to relax and reward themselves with premium coffee. The earth and warm colors of its huge glass windows, trellises, ceiling fans, and wooden furnitures and fixtures, all contribute to a classy yet cozy ambiance which renders a more laid-back atmosphere parallel to a country club setting. As the name suggests, provisions for outside seating offer a tranquil respite for our guests to immerse themselves with their environment, may it be a scenic view of lush greenery or the breathtaking sunset at the bay area or the beautiful skyline as night falls."

Talk about attention to detail. Read more about the different cafe concepts of UCC, here.

Call it child-like awe for all things round, shiny, and glassy, or just plain- though all too mature- craving for perfection. I simply love my coffee-time just a little bit more than usual when I have it there.

My personal favorite is the UCC Blended Coffee. At Php129, I think every peso is well worth it. If you're feeling a little more indulgent, try their esteemed Blue Mountain No. 1 Coffee, and just hope against hope that you don't get hooked. Me, I've tried it and I am hanging in there... by a Php399 thread.

Photo credits: www.digitalformat.blogspot.com.
More about UCC at kainpinoy.com and foodtrippings.com.

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