Thursday, July 31, 2008

US Black & White Chocolate Crunch Muffins at S&R

These are soooo good. If you frequent S&R and you've been seeing these delicious looking muffins that they sell in packs of 4's and 6's but have been hesitating on picking up a pack for one reason or another, let me tell you this: you don't know what you're missing. S&R carries several different flavors of muffins- e.g. chocolate chip, poppyseed- but the Black and White Chocolate Crunch is the only flavor that I've tasted so far. Recalling my previous baking experience with chocolate, I think I can say that these muffins are made with very good chocolate. Its "dome", as its namesake suggests, is crunchy, courtesy, I think, of a drizzling of sugar prior to baking. In addition to the sugar are generous chunks of white chocolate, some of which sink halfway into the muffin batter while it bakes. These makes sweet little surprises as you bite into the muffin.

It is big and dense and yet very moist and at Php184.95, I think it's a very good deal. All this muffin praise is making me hungry and I think I am beginning to sound like an ad commercial. So I'll end here and drown my muffin craving with some more of 'em muffins.


u8mypinkcookies said...

i saw that too the last time we went there, but sayang i didn't buy pa.. next time i'll get a pack of 4 na! thanks for your review. anyway i love s&r's double chocolate chip muffins also!! i tried the other choco chip variant & blueberry but they aren't as good as the double choco chip..

sweets in bulk said...

Wow.. I'm very hungry right now.. I can say that there are many people who really think that chocolate is sinful, but actually there are many benefits of eating chocolate for human beings. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

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