Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A (Short) Subic Vacation

Been to Subic a couple of weeks ago. I have never been there before this trip. I've heard a lot of good things about the beaches (never got to one because we had to cut short our stay), the shopping (fantastic!), and different (and strict) road rules though. And yeah, I've heard about the steaks. We got there a couple of hours after lunch so the first order of business when we got there was to get us some food. We were supposed to meet up with our friends first who went ahead of us there but we were hungry, so. Anyway, we drove around the base to try to find that American steakhouse that we've heard so much about. But we got flagged down violating road rules doing that so we finally decided to go to our meeting point with our said friends.

The meeting point was at Royal Subic/Pure Gold Duty Free. Fortunately, there was a restaurant there called Steak and Coffee (Two of my favorite things!). It wasn't the one that we were looking for, but it will have to do. Like I said, we were hungry.

The sign on the wall declared "U.S. Steaks". Price was reasonable. We ordered the ribeye. Considering that we were yearning for big chunks of good quality meats grilled to medium rare perfection, we were a tad disappointed with what we got. But when you're hungry, it will have to pass.

At the house that we were staying at, we ended up eating in for dinner. I was cajoled in to making my Spaghetti with Giant Meatballs, and with fresh basil flourishing around the backyard, I was just too happy to accede. I threw in some Spicy Seafood Pasta (I used just shrimps this time) for good measure and one friend fried up a few kilos of bacon and a can of Spam! Talk about a smashing good dinner. That definitely made up for my dismal lunch.

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