Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Merriment and Feasting at Balai sa Laiya

A couple of weeks ago, we packed our bags for a weekend at Laiya Batangas. Our destination- Balai sa Laiya Beach Resort. It was about a two-hour drive from the Petron Gas Station at the SLEX (southbound lane) which was a decent enough run considering we conditioned ourselves for a four-hour trip. Nobody in the car became twitchy-impatient during the trip, not even our four-legged passenger, my sister's newest canine acquisition, who as of yet still doesn't have a name.

The view at this resort is quite stunning. The white sand, though suspiciously rough at the feet, is always kept pristinely clean by the industrious resort staff. The water is clear and inviting, the wind, crisp and pure, and the surroundings, peaceful and quiet.

Cast among the backdrop of age-old fruit-bearing tamarind trees are the cottages, which, for an additional Php600 can be air-conditioned if you so wish it to be. The cottages have their own private toilet and bath with sufficient water and provision for warm water can also be arranged. Quite notable is the bamboo-slatted floor which particularly disconcerted my sister as she was prone to dropping small knick-knacks from her person. These knick-knacks could easily fall through the slats and while a metal sheet lies beneath, it is quite tricky retrieving the fallen articles considering that the gaps are too narrow for a hand to go through.

I packed four bags of Doritos for something to munch on during the long car-ride. Which I later realized was a big mistake. They do not serve any pica-pica-type food at the resort. No sisig, calamares, camaron, chicharon, and the like. Just some selections of your usual run-of-the-mill sandwiches- tuna, chicken, ham, egg... and several choices of libation- canned juices, soft-drinks, and beer. What saves Balai sa Laiya for me though in the food department is their buffet meals. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner here are always a feast. Thank you again, chef! I easily noticed the abundance of fresh, choice seafood in their seafood chowder, it tells me it never occurred to them to scrimp on the quality of their ingredients. The mango crepe quite simply took my breath away. The tocino for breakfast while I normally would stay away from it, made me go for seconds. And those are just among my favorites. Wait until you try the food here for yourself.

More pictures of Balai sa Laiya at Digital Format.

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