Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pasta (or should I say "paste") at Cibo

Cibo has been up, about, and making waves in the Philippine resto scene for quite some time now and for some reason, we were only able to try their cuisine only late last year... November, I think... that was at the Alabang Town Center branch. Robin ordered Spaghettini alla Bolognese (spaghettini crowned with beef ragu, Bologna-style, and tomato) while I ordered Insalata di Manzo (a healthy conglomerate of greens, roast beef tenderloin, and balsamic vinaigrette).

I was thoroughly satisfied with my Insalata di Manzo. The greens were nice and fresh making for a wonderfully healthy and refreshing salad, and the beef (the "manzo" part of the salad), while thinly sliced was quite generous in quantity, perfectly cooked and seasoned. I do not recall having tasted their Spaghettini alla Bolognese then, but Robin said it was good as well and surprisingly filling.

Green-eyed diners that we were, we also coveted the pizza ovale served at the next table and a good many other items on the menu that we cannot quite pronounce properly but had English translations that sounded promising. Maybe next time. As for the service, it was quite commendable-- polite and quick. I think I am not alone when I say, every diner appreciates good service. These are only a few of the many reasons why we resolved to eat at Cibo more times after that.

Take for instance a couple of days ago, at their Greenhills branch, where I was finally able to taste their Spaghettini alla Bolognese.

Robin, for his part, had Penne alla Florentina (penne pasta with sausage, cream, and fennel).

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