Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Million Dolllar Brew from Conlins

We were at the Mall of Asia (MOA) and on our way back to the parking lot, we remembered that we are out of coffee. With our coffee jar running on empty, we just couldn't get home without buying a pack of coffee grounds no matter how late it was. See, unlike any normal human being, we could not go to sleep without having a cup o' joe. Unlike any normal human being, we could not stay awake without having a jolt of java. Does that make sense?

Bottomline is, we ducked into the very first shop we saw that sold coffee, which at that time, was Conlins (located on the second floor of MOA, beside the IMAX Theater). The variety of their coffee offerings was promising if not altogether surprisingly staggering:

BLUENOTES 100% Single Origin Coffee
Brazil "Santos"
Columbia Supremo
Sumatra Mandheling
Guatemala SHB, "Volcan de Oro

Honduras SHG e.p.
Malawi Mapanga AA
Indonesia "JAVA", Kali Bendo

Ethiopia "Yirgacheffe"
Columbia Decaf

Conlins Designer Coffee
Million Dollar Brew
Charcoal Coffee

Dark Roast
Medium Roast
Light Roast

Dark Roast
Medium Roast
Light Roast

Dark Roast
Medium Roast
Light Roast

After quite a while of mulling over our choices, we decided to try the Million Dollar Brew. It would be, should I say, the sacrificial bag of coffee by which the possibility of us coming back to try the rest will largely depend on.

We had our beans ground there, and when they were done with the grinding, they poured the grounds back into its special flavor lock bag that featured a one-way valve to preserve the coffee's freshness. If that attention to detail weren't enough, wait until they reseal the bag with an impulse sealer before they hand it over to you. Their concern to give you the freshest coffee possible is really impressive.

The coffee, by the way, was fantastic. It had a perfectly smooth and clean flavor to it. Never gritty or bitter. It brews a perfect cup each time. Now I hope Conlins' other coffee blends also aim to please, because we are definitely going back there to try the rest.

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