Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Trader Joe's French Truffles

I was just saying goodnight to my cousin in California through YM. She's been sending us some imported knick knacks via FedEx, like this big can of oh so delicious Trader Joe's French Truffles.
I thought it will not survive the trip considering that what we get from Truffettes, they had to pack the box in an iced container just so the truffles won't melt in a couple of hours. It's a good thing the truffles survived. They were a little soft but they had not actually melt into chocolate goo. After about half an hour in the ref, they are firm enough to pick up with anticipating fingers. (Hooray!)

Funny thing, when that particular FedEx package arrived, we found out that the it was tampered with. A shirt for our cousin and some other cosmetics meant for others were gone. And one chocolate box she sent was opened with *gasp* a few pieces missing. The missing stuff were reimbursed by FedEx of course but thinking about that idiot that pilfered from the package is really very annoying.

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Anonymous said...

well that just goes to show even the FedEx liked your Truffles. Most likely they dug into the sweets first. then after consuming a few, they realized their crime and used the pilfered T-shirt to wipe the evidence away from their faces. And They probably developed Acne from eating so many chocolates so they used the cosmetics to hide the bumps. and thus, all pilfered items started with those evil, delicious Truffles!

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