Friday, April 4, 2008

The S'chouquettes and other Food Notebook favorites from Delifrance and Mexicali

Delifrance S'choquettes

Yesterday, Robin and I went to visit a dear friend who just gave birth to a handsome baby boy. Our trip to Quezon City yesterday, I must admit though, served a double purpose. One of my favorite blogs (restauranthopping), has posted that Chili's will be holding a Chili's Burger day on April 3, 2008 where they will be offering their burgers, normally selling for at least Php250, for only Php99 (read about it here.). So naturally, on our way to St. Luke's, we planned to have lunch at Chili's, Greenhills. I spotted the banner out front: Chili's burger for Php88! Even cheaper than the Php99 price tag announced. That sure whetted our appetites even more. (The banner would mysteriously disappear a while later, making me doubt myself if I really did see the banner in the first place.) Unfortunately for us, the place was packed- before, during, and after lunch! Not wanting to wait in line, we decided to go to the hospital first to visit. And afterwards, try our luck at Chili's, Tomas Morato for dinner instead.

Before we left Greenhills to go to St. Luke's, we had a small meal at Delifrance, just to ward off hunger pangs. I had my favorite S'chouquettes and lemon iced tea while Robin had his favorite four-cheese baguette pizza. I love les chouquettes. It's a simple pastry, made from choux dough, I think because it bears the same texture as puff pastry, and topped with sugar prior to baking giving it a sweet crunchy crust. It has a lightly sweet taste that I love pairing with coffee or iced tea. And speaking of iced tea, Delifrance's iced tea is one of my favorites because it tastes nothing like those made from powdered iced teas that are widely available nowadays. The four cheese pizza is a light but satisfying meal. Who wouldn't love a baguette top heavy with melted cheese- all four kinds of it? It's no burger, but yummy food, nonetheless.

Did we get the burger for dinner? NOT! We couldn't find parking at Chili's, Tomas Morato, despite circling the area for a good half hour. So we decided to abandon that idea completely and go straight back to the Greenhills branch. Still no cigar. The place was still packed to the brim! Others prevailed with persistence. But for us, by then, we were simply too hungry to take desperate measures to get our burgers from Chili's.

In the end, we retreated to one of our favorite fastfood in Greenhills, Mexicali. We ordered ourselves beef enchiladas with rice and salad and a cup of chili with extra nacho chips. I like Mexicali's chili a lot (at least at the Greenhills branch). Unlike like those watery, tasteless, blahs served at other establishments that only masquerade as chili, Mexicali's chili packs a punch. As for those enchiladas- when you're hungry and you want to make sure it gets quelled in one sitting, Mexicali's beef enchilada is a sure bet. Fresh flour tortilla, a generous glob of flavor-packed ground beef, a hefty cheese topping and that magic garlic sauce- now, that's a hot combination! It was a very satisfying meal such that our frustration over the Chili's Burger promo simply dissolved along with the last drop of chili. We went home burgerless, but happy.


Sakai said...

imagine i bought my burger at past 11pm. it was worth it though

u8mypinkcookies said...

i love delifrance's coffee buns :D yummm...

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