Friday, April 18, 2008

Blenz Coffee now in Manila

Blenz Coffee, the Canada-based coffee chain has opened its first store in the Philippines at SM One E-Com Centre in Pasay City (read more about this here). Yes, that's beside the SM Mall of Asia, so naturally, it did not escape our radar. Actually, we have been seeing the store open for a few days already but it was only this afternoon that we were able to check out this new player in the local coffee scene.

While I was dying to try their hot chocolate drinks made from Belgian chocolate chips and steamed milk, today's hot weather allowed me to try only their shaken lemon iced tea, which Robin and I loved. It was quite refreshing. I particularly appreciated the unmistakable taste of real brewed tea. Another thing I appreciated was the ambiance of the store. The interior was just lovely and the chairs and sofas- very very comfortable. For those of you students that are always on the lookout for a great place to hunker down and study, you just might like it there. In addition to the comfy furniture, the lighting was easy on the eyes and the air-conditioning was superb, even in this weather. And for those of you road warriors who are always on the lookout for a place to park your laptop or other web device, you'll love it here, too. Wifi is free, and, thus far, impressively fast (read here).

I have a feeling we'll be back there soon. Hopefully then I will get to have my hot cocoa.

*Image courtesy of Mobility Philippines


Anonymous said...

The Hot chocolate is the best hot chocolate I ever tasted. WOW

Anonymous said...

i tried their white hot chocolate about a month ago, ive been back 6 times. though my place is far from Mall of Asia. and im not even fond of sweets :)

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