Saturday, March 1, 2008

Starbucks Cafe Estima Blend

Described by Starbucks as:

"Velvety smooth and balanced with a roasty-sweet flavor this blend of coffees is a product of the relationships formed between Starbucks and the farmers who grew them. Starbucks is committed to paying fair prices to help give farming families a better life and ensure coffee farms are protected for the future."

Cafe Estima is one of our favorite beans. Sad to say that in a coffee-producing country such as ours, it is very difficult to find good beans in our local supermarkets. In fact, Robin and I have to go all the way to Tagaytay to get our coffee beans. But when we can't go to Tagaytay and we are out of coffee, rather than waste our time in the supermarket, we normally go straight to our friendly Starbucks coffeeshop to get a bag of Cafe Estima.

What I really love about Cafe Estima is that it is not bitter and has an almost chocolatey taste to it, not like most other coffee beans out there in the market. I don't know if it's just me but I can even tell when it is Cafe Estima brewing just from the aroma. But one thing's for sure, one cup is not enough when it's Cafe Estima brewing in the coffee maker.

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