Friday, March 21, 2008

Fresh Tagaytay vegetables: a photo album

Good Friday, we journeyed to Tagaytay to hear mass at the Our Lady of Lourdes Church. As expected, there was a considerable amount of traffic on the way there. As we waited in line to the parking lot, the food vendors along the side road to the left of the church caught our eye.

Tagaytay Fresh Vegetables

There were a couple of vegetable stalls selling beautiful farm-fresh vegetables.

Pristine White Radish

The radish there was the cleanest and whitest I have ever seen. Cheap at 20 bucks per 6-piece bundle where in my mom's suking tindahan, it's normally 5 pesos per radish, and they're nowehere near as fresh and clean as the ones in Tagaytay.

Fresh Pinipig

Have you ever seen fresh pinipig? Not the toasted crunchy ones you see in your halo-halo. Fresh pinipig is actually green, not to mention sweet, soft and chewy. This is such a rare find, I could not have asked for a healthier snack to munch on throughout the car ride. 25 pesos gets you a small cup of fresh pinipig, 35 for medium, and 50 for large.


There was a box of big shiny sayotes. Saute sayote with a little garlic and beef and you have an easy and healthy meal. Cooked this way, sayote becomes wonderfully crunchy and juicy.

Hydroponics Technology-Grown Lettuce

A must try- hydroponics-grown live lettuces, still in the soil and pot they were planted in. Can't get fresher than that.

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