Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ensaymada by Heaven in a Box and a day at Dessert Haven

A few posts back, I said I was going to check out Dessert Haven at TriNoma. It was not as grand as I expected it to be. The desserts there was hardly "overflowing", as how it was announced at Then again maybe I am really just a creature of excess and "overflowing" for me means I get to go home with an embarrassingly large number of desserts at the end of the day. I didn't. I had hoped that they invited more home bakers or baking hobbyists, who are the source, albeit secret, of the most amazing desserts you will ever taste. More specialty baked goods and dessert stores (not as secret but still not as in-your-face as the bigger more commercial establishments) wouldn't have hurt, too. And on that point, it would have been great if suppliers of baking equipment and ingredients had spots as well. Add baking demos by celebrity chefs or artists, and that's what I would call a fantabulous dessert haven. As this was the first Dessert Haven, I assume that there will be more of this in the future and by then I wish it would be a lot better. Or not. But hey, we are all allowed to dream sweet dreams, aren't we?

What I did buy from Dessert Haven though was a box of ensaymadas by Heaven in a Box. They come in two flavors, quezo de bola and ham and cheese (both at Php35 each). Heaven in a Box's ensaymada struck an admirable balance between the flavorful but overly rich and dense specialty ensaymadas and the good old light and airy ensaymada you get from the corner bakery which oftentimes however tastes like paper. Kudos to the bakers behind Heaven in a Box who were able to take the good qualities of the two kinds of ensaymadas that we have grown to love and successfully marry them together to make heavenly ensaymadas.

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