Monday, February 18, 2008

Make your own chocolate fondue at home

One slow Saturday night, me (not without my very vocal objections over the choice of flick), my sister and Robin agreed to watch Alien vs. Predator on DVD. And to kick the excitement up a notch, we decided to have chocolate fondue- we thought snacking on speared food morsels dunked into ooey gooey dark chocolate while we watched bloodthirsty monsters try to rip each other's (and hapless townspeople's) guts out would be such a trip.

It was very easy because we had everything we needed in the fridge- all we had to do was to cut some of them up into manageable little pieces and arrange everything in a platter. We had a container of 3-day old strawberries (we had to weed out the ones starting to develop mold, but the rest was A-ok). We had butter cake (left-over from the wedding cake, a little dry but still edible). We had marshmallows (what was left of Robin's stash that he had been munching on for the last 5 days). We had bananas (the latundan kind, fresh ones!). We had prunes (not a good idea. But it photographed well in the platter). We had Toblerone and we had cream.

We fired up the cast iron fondue pot (we didn't have denatured alcohol but we did have a
lot of tea lights) popped in about 5 blocks of Toblerone, stirred in some cream into the chocolate once it melted, and off we went to watch err... bloodthirsty monsters try to rip each other's (and hapless townspeople's) guts out. Wonderful.

Although my sister and Robin were in agreement that I drained the fun out of watching the movie by making snide comments in between chocolate dips, our little fondue adventure was quite fun. I'd love to do that again. Maybe next time though they'd let me choose the movie.

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