Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Luscious Chocolate

I had this sinfully rich chocolate dessert at Cafe on the Ridge at the Tagaytay Vista Hotel. We ordered brewed coffee and I was in the mood for something sweet and comforting that cold afternoon. We waited for about thirty minutes for my dessert and when I followed up my order, the waitress apologized for the delay and promised to serve it in ten minutes. The chocolate cake, she explained, err... "erupted"... in a manner of speaking in the course of the baking process. They had to start over.

View of the Taal Lake from Taal Vista Hotel

It was the hotel's signature dessert, unfortunately, I forgot what it's called. Chocolate lava cake, I think.... What I cannot forget though is the warm luscious chocolate that oozed out of the fresh out of the oven chocolate cake, a perfect contrast to accompanying scoop of vanilla ice cream. This sweet duo was drizzled with raspberry syrup which added a tangy kick. Oh, what a treat it was. Try it, I promise, it is worth going all the way south for.

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Sakai said...

lovely looking dessert

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