Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Sugar-free cookie dough

I'd been meaning to make sugar-free chocolate chip cookies ever since I saw this bag of granulated sugar substitute by Splenda in the grocery. It promises to be equivalent cup by cup with regular sugar. Finally, a week ago, I got myself a bag of this sugar substitute. By substituting Splenda for sugar in the same amount that the recipe called for, I was able to make sugar-free cookie dough. I just added a few drops of chocolate brown food coloring to improve the color considering that the dough will not have the coloring properties of good old brown sugar once I substitute it with Splenda. The semi-sweet chocolate chips, however, are not sugar free.

The end result though, I am not too crazy about. The cookie turned out bland and dry and crumbly and it did not rise as much as a regular cookie dough would inside the oven. Maybe next time I'll try to just half the sugar. Using Splenda as complete substitute for sugar for chocolate chip cookie doesn't seem to be such a good idea.

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Maria Paz said...

where'd you buy the granulated splenda??

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