Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A burger as Media Noche appetizer

While we waited for the clock to strike twelve last December 31, my brother made us burgers to stave off hunger. And in order to make sure that we do not get too full before the Media Noche feast, he gave us just half of the burger and half of a grilled corn. The burger patties, he bought from the supermarket and he grilled it on a well-seasoned cast iron grill, making sure that the burgers were perfectly cooked right down to the last degree with a meat thermometer. He added some spices on both sides of each patty, topped em with cheese at the last few seconds of grilling and voila! Perfectly grilled burgers ready for the buns.

It was my idea to grill the corn on the cast iron grill. Boy, did that take long to cook!

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