Monday, May 14, 2007

Philippine Fiesta

Bacoor Town Fiesta

May is fiesta time in the Philippines and this Sunday, it was Bacoor's turn to celebrate its town fiesta. Incidentally, May 13 is also Mother's Day so we had two special occasions to celebrate.

And so we prepared a little buffet of traditional Filipino fiesta cuisine for our guests. For starters, we served Pancit Molo soup. For the main course, there's a choice of Hamonado, Mechado, Morcon, Green Peas with Quail Eggs, Chicken Pastel, and Rellenong Bangus. They all go well with steamed rice. For Dessert we served Sweetened Macapuno and Leche Flan.

As a guest in a town fiesta, it is customary to have a serving of everything on your plate. And if that won't fit in your plate with one trip to the buffet table, you must go back for the rest.

Pancit Molo Soup



Green Peas with Quail Eggs

Chicken Pastel


Leche Flan and Macapuno


Anonymous said...

i am hungry

Anonymous said...

This is the first time na nakakita ako ng Mechado na walang sauce.

Anonymous said...

Di ba dapat ang mechado may mecha?? hence the name 'mechado'!!!

Anonymous said...

Simple but inviting...yum yum...
Can i ask for a recipe for each of the menu? We have a fiesta coming and plan to serve the same.

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