Monday, April 23, 2007

Beef Bulgogi by Chosun (by CH)

  • Korean cuisine
  • Meals between Php125-Php235
  • Accepts credit cards
  • Located at the ground floor, Entertainment Center, SM Mall of Asia
  • Tel. No. 556-0573

Chosun serves Korean barbecue and noodles. I had dinner there with my mom and my cousin last Friday (We got drawn in by the flyers they were handing out by the elevator). We ordered Beef Bulgogi (Php165), Fish Fillet Bbq (Php185), Fish Fillet Bake (Php125), and Chapchae (on promo for only Php99 until May 30, 2007). I've always loved Korean beef stew (Kalbi Jim), unfortunately they were fresh out so I'd have to try their Kalbi Jim another time.

The service was good. The waiters/waitresses were very attentive to our needs and they were nice enough to teach us how to prepare and eat the Korean Bbq wraps, complete with visual aids. While waiting for our orders, they served Korean corn tea, which I really liked. I thoroughly enjoyed the side dishes they served for free as well-- kimchi, one tasted like achara made of potato strings, another tasted like curried slices of fishcakes, and tamago slices. Those yummy little freebies made the wait (though short) well worth it.

The Bulgogi came with fresh green romaine lettuce (for wrapping), carrots, and bagoong-like sauce. I've never had it as a wrap before. It was really good. I also liked the fish fillet. It was very tasty and I love the way that it sort of melted in my mouth. And the chapchae was a perfect complement to the more substantial meals. I wasn't a big fan of the fish fillet bake though. I admit to having ordered it for looks. It looked, er, cute.

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