Monday, April 23, 2007

Chicken a la Kiev by Bag of Beans

Last Good Friday we went to Tagaytay to escape the heat. Traffic was light going there so the drive was pretty relaxing. We originally planned to go to Starbucks (In my defense, going Starbucks in Tagaytay really is different than going to Starbucks in Manila. There is that spectacular view of the Taal Volcano, for example.). When we got there though, almost every eating establishment was full. But we were lucky enough to get a parking spot in Bag of Beans so we decided to have lunch there.

We got this cozy little cottage which was obviously meant for a crowd and, too bad for that crowd, the three of us ended up hogging it for three hours. I realize though that that was a little inconsiderate of us, considering that the place was packed and the stream of customers was nonstop.

That can't be helped though. Our little spot was perfect. There were plants and windchimes all around. The temperature is pleasantly cool despite the summer weather, no airconditioning necessary...

... And the food was very good. My sister had roastbeef. Robin had grilled tuna belly. And I had chicken a la kiev. My meal reminded me of my favorite restaurant in Katipunan, Full House. (I felt really bad when they closed down, in 2004 I think. I had spells of having dinner there every single day of a week ordering the same food: chicken a la kiev with extra garlic cream. How the garlic butter bursts out of the perfectly crusted chicken at the first slice is quite a sight, I tell you. Nothing comes close to it, not even the one in Bag of Beans.)

Afterwards we ordered freshly baked Braided Bread (it came with yummy blueberry jam and whipped butter) and bottomless brewed coffee (Php95). We pulled out our mobile devices to check for Globe Visibility and Smart 3G signal and in no time, we were taking pictures and surfing the net over afternoon bread and coffee.

I must admit, we just couldn't leave hi tech even for supposedly an afternoon of nature.

You can find Bag of Beans along Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City in front of the Swiss Chalet row of town houses. It's past Taal Vista Hotel and the old Tagaytay Market. It's a bit easy to miss, so look to your right after you drive past the market.

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